A Narrative Worth Telling: The Emotive Journey of Family History

Family history is a pursuit of our origins, our stories, and our community. It is an incredibly emotional pursuit, bringing out the full range of human emotional capacity, and as a result, can be very overwhelming. Each of us has a contribution to the human story and it is our efforts to explore that narrative and share it – good and bad – that makes genealogy such a powerful entity.

More about Jen

Jen Baldwin has been working in the realm of professional genealogy since 2010 but has been pursuing her family history since she was ten years old, enjoying her grandmother’s stories – and her cookies. She is currently the Data Acquisition Manager, North America and Project Manager of the Catholic Heritage Archive, for Findmypast. Jen lectures, writes, and consults on a variety of genealogy related topics, and was part of the research team for Genealogy Roadshow, season two on PBS. She is the author of course materials for the National Institute of Genealogical Studies and numerous Legacy QuickGuides. She is excited to discover unique resources that allow for a different perspective in genealogical research.

Digitizing Trinity Church Records

Genealogist and Multitasker Jen Baldwin