Going Totally Offline, Almost – On-site researching in Libraries and Archive

This presentation looks at the value in researching offline in libraries and archives. Indexes that are unique to specific libraries and archives, such as birth/marriage/ death indexes as well as newspaper indexes will be discussed. The value in going beyond an index, especially in the case of abstracts and transcriptions will be noted. 

The presentation will also examine the following items: 

  • Doing on-line research to decide upon which repository to visit 
  • Doing on-line research, or making contact with a repository by telephone or mail, in order to make sure that the materials that you wish to see are available 
  • Making early contact with a repository in order to check its hours of operation, the costs of using it, the availability of its collection and the value of items in the collection for your research 
  • Building forms for the purpose of making efficient use of an on-site collection 

Lastly, the presentation will cover how you can build a relationship with the archivist in charge of a collection of interest to you. 

More about Alan

Alan is presently an Ambassador for Ontario Ancestors. He is a keen genealogist/family historian who brings to his presentations a background of research in various record types. Not only does he enjoys genealogical research; he has written and continues to write articles on various genealogical topics for Families, the OGS journal, and Branch newsletters including the one that he edits, Lambton Lifeline, the newsletter of the Lambton County Branch of the OGS. He is also the author of the Ontario Ancestors Blog. Alan walks his talk as he has done the research which he references in his presentations.

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