In this presentation, Alexandra will provide an introduction and demo of LAC’s Collection Search and crowdsourcing platform, Co-Lab. She will tell us about the many available databases in Collection Search and how you can perform research more effectively using this new tool. As well, Alexandra will tell us how, with Co-Lab, you can become a volunteer contributor – transcribing and tagging diaries, letters, photographs and more in the historic collection at LAC.

About Alexandra Haggert

Alexandra Haggert is a Project Manager in the Online Content team of Public Services Branch at Library and Archives Canada. She spreads her time between Co-Lab, LAC’s in-house crowdsourcing tool, and LAC’s newest search engine, Collection Search. She is passionate about improving access to digital services at LAC for everyone. Prior to joining LAC in early 2017, she worked at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and Veterans Affairs Canada’s memorials in France.