Researching Land Records in your Pajamas

With the digitization of land records on, as well as the Ontario Land Registry Access (OnLand) website, records which formerly required a visit to an archives or registry office have become available to genealogists anywhere they have access to the internet. Land records can be one of the most useful resources in tracing the ancestry of families but are often underused by researchers. This lecture will discuss how to access land records online, and how to interpret and use what can be found there. The different types of records in these collections, and the use of each will be discussed. Finding aids, which will help the genealogist to narrow down their search, and their locations will be highlighted, and examples of how land records can break down a brick wall will be included. 

More about Linda

Linda Corupe has been researching genealogy for over 40 years, and has published over 50 books, including the first Heir & Devisee Commissions and Assize Courts of Upper Canada.